Little Lambs

October 2017

Our school year has gotten off to a super start as we learned about dinosaurs in September.  The Little Lambs have also been busy making friends and learning classroom routines and rules.  The Lambs worked on letters S, D, E. They also discovered that blue and yellow make GREEN!  We learned what made a carnivore dinosaur different from an herbivore dinosaur.  Ask your child and see if they can tell you.

A fun poem we learned in September was:

Five huge dinosaurs, looking fierce and mean;
The first one said, “I eat things that are green.”
The second one said, “I hatch from an egg.”
The third one said, “I have strong legs.”
The fourth one said, “I can fly through the air.”
The fifth one said, “I give everyone a scare.”
STOMP, STOMP went Tyrannosaurus Rex that day,
And the five little dinosaurs all ran away!

In October our theme will be “AT NIGHT!”  We will be learning about nocturnal animals.  At the end of the month we will have a wonderful time creating decorations and getting ready for Halloween!

Our virtue this month is PATIENT.  Our color is black and our shape is the circle.  Our letters will be N, O, R and H.

Teacher Katie and Teacher Aida